This is the funny tale of grief stricken Joel Sherman who moved from Denver to a secluded ranch in the Colorado mountains. It was the perfect place to stay angry and sad. He could curse God with out anyone hearing him. After he crashes his car down a mountain, he is rescued by an spirited woman who manages to bring him back to life with fun and laughter. Marty Finn's past is entwined with a mystery of her husband's disappearance. She is protected by a rugged band of cowboys who introduce metro male Joel to the ways of the West. They are both reluctant to love but yet find themselves falling that way. The mystery unfolds, miracles occur, and their love is tested. Marty brings Joel to a new life where he can forgive God.

Miner's Pass

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Miner's Pass 3
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Miner's Pass is a modern day Western with a romantic tale of two people who find love and adventure in the Colorado Mountains. Miner's Pass 3 is the third part to the original story of Miner's Pass which consisted of part one and part two. This is the conclusion to the story.